But what about rich students?

Another lovely example of how beholden the GOP is to protecting the richest rich people.  No way to tax increases on the rich, no way to getting rid of tax loophole on private jets.  BUT:

Eric Cantor proposed a series of spending cuts, one of them aimed squarely at college students.  The House majority leader, who did most of the talking for the Republican side, said those taking out student loans should start paying interest right away, rather than being able to defer payments until after graduation. It is a big-ticket item that would save $40 billion over 10 years.

I had student loans.  Took me 10 years to pay them off, but they helped me go to a great school and get a great education.  And when you get them, the interest gets deferred until you graduate.  Imagine taking out a $100,000 loan to go to school for four years, and having the juice start running from day one of your freshman year.  I mean, the whole reason you’re taking out a loan is because you can’t afford the four years of school without it, and yet Cantor expects students to pay off the interest as they go to school.  Or find $100,000 plus four years of compounding interest greeting them upon graduation.

And yet, raising taxes 3% on the top 1% of taxpayers, back up to Clinton-era levels by simply letting the Bush tax cuts expire, is absolutely a non-starter!  Why?  Because those rich people are “job creators”.  Yes, obviously, with corporate profits back up to nice high pre-recession levels, they sure are creating tons of jobs and not at all simply sharing all those increased profits with shareholders.  

(soure: The Daily Beast)